Monday, November 17, 2008

Beastie Boys VHS 1987

A fairly typical and, at 38 minutes, brief video collection from rap's highly influential, pop-culture-spewing white trio, the Beastie Boys (Skills to Pay the Bills and Sabotage followed in 1992 and 1994, respectively). Made primarily to capitalize on the overnight success of their platinum-selling album, Licensed to Ill, this compilation captures the Beasties in the obnoxious, frat-boy stage of their career. Brief interludes between the exaggerated, often-humorous videos--"Rhymin' and Stealin'," "Hold It Now, Hit It," "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn," "She's on It," "She's Crafty," and the megahit single, "Fight for Your Right (to Party)"--show the B-Boys clowning, posturing, drinking, taunting, and partying both onstage and off. For hard-core fans, this collection is essential; for other music fans, it represents an interesting look back at the early, immature persona of a band that later dropped the self-parody shtick and evolved into one of the most important rap acts of the '90s.

Video includes: Rhymin & Stealin, Fight For Your Right (To Party), Hold It Now Hit It, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, She's On It, She's Crafty


Audio Two - Top Billin Remix VLS

"Top Billin", although released as the b-side to "Make It Funky" in 1987, from the album "What More Can I Say?", was the 1988 breakout hit for hip hop duo Audio Two, and made a deep cultural impact on hip hop. Rapped to a beat by Stetsaonic's Daddy-O, Milk Dee's lyrics continue to be referenced and sampled to this day. The beat samples the drumbreak from the Honeydrippers' Impeach the President, but rearranged in a very unexpected fashion. Daddy-O did this mistakenly when he hit the wrong keys on his sampler's keyboard, but thankfully recognized the funkiness of the resulting pattern. This is the often sought after Top Billin Remix 12" single.

Side Audio: Top Billin (Remix)(More Bass), Top Billin (Teddy Ted Mix)(No Half Steppin), Top Billin (808 Style)
Side Two: Top Billin (Original), Top Billin (Acapella), The Freshest Slowest Jam


Welcome to the "Top Billin Entertainment" blog. I will be using this blog to post some of my personal hip hop collection (vinyl, cd and cassette) and some older VHS videos I have as well. I will also be using this blog to help promote the artists that are involved with Top Billin Entertainment, artists such as Rhythmicru, Wordburglar, More Or Les, Fritz Tha Cat (OK Cobra), Jesse Dangerously, Thesis Sahib, Wise Boyz Noize, Soundminds, MC Moore, Exit Only, Sum-01, DJ Sawtay, DJ Bnutz and myself DJ Hullewud. This blog was just created, check back in a few days for postings. Everything you see on this blog I own, I won't be stealing links from other blogs and reposting them.