Monday, November 17, 2008

Beastie Boys VHS 1987

A fairly typical and, at 38 minutes, brief video collection from rap's highly influential, pop-culture-spewing white trio, the Beastie Boys (Skills to Pay the Bills and Sabotage followed in 1992 and 1994, respectively). Made primarily to capitalize on the overnight success of their platinum-selling album, Licensed to Ill, this compilation captures the Beasties in the obnoxious, frat-boy stage of their career. Brief interludes between the exaggerated, often-humorous videos--"Rhymin' and Stealin'," "Hold It Now, Hit It," "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn," "She's on It," "She's Crafty," and the megahit single, "Fight for Your Right (to Party)"--show the B-Boys clowning, posturing, drinking, taunting, and partying both onstage and off. For hard-core fans, this collection is essential; for other music fans, it represents an interesting look back at the early, immature persona of a band that later dropped the self-parody shtick and evolved into one of the most important rap acts of the '90s.

Video includes: Rhymin & Stealin, Fight For Your Right (To Party), Hold It Now Hit It, No Sleep Till Brooklyn, She's On It, She's Crafty



Travis said...

dude, you get this up and you'll be my new hero for the rest of the year. I remember watching this over and over and over again back in the day. I would rewind the back stage antics every time. I've been looking to buy this.

Hullewud said...

So...part one is up now...and part two is uploading right now...enjoy!

Travis said...

you are the MAN!!!

Parkinsons Handjob said...

Fucking awesome! I have been looking for this forever. I have the VHS but I could never get it to transfer.

Thank you so much.

Now if I could only get a hi-res scan of the back, I'd be golden.